2021 Events & Activities

Open from 1-4 pm on the third Sunday of every month from April - October 

Date & Time        Exhibits,  Events, & Activities                       

Sunday April 18     1-4 pm

Opening day for the Museum


Sunday May 16 th   1 - 4 pm

Museum is open

Sunday June 20    1-4 pm

Museum is open.

Sunday July 18  1 - 4 PM

Sunday August 15th   1 - 4 pm

Sunday Sept. 19th       1- 4 pm


Museum is open

Museum is open for tours.  This month we are featuring the life and love of Mabel Gutelius Mensh.  You will see her clothing, quilt, riding blanket, photos and documents.  Admission is free.  Donations appreciated.

Museum is open

Sunday Oct. 17th   1-4 pm

Blacksmith's in action and Tomahawk Throwing.  

Stop by to watch local blacksmiths work.  You will also be able to try your hand a tomahawk throwing.

Featuring members of the Union County Muzzleloaders.

Museum is closed until Spring

We look forward to seeing you !